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epic failure! if grande thinks competing with time warner/spectrum is giving the same god awful service and treating their customers like dirt, then they should consider themselves one of the big boys now.

yesterday, they gave me the standard noon to 5 pm time slot (fine with me, just get it done). installer comes in and sees that we have moved and their are boxes everywhere and starts to give a little attitude about, the fact that he doesn't really have time to figure all of this out that he was over booked that day and our house looks older and probably needs new wires and that is really going to take a long time. he gets one tv started and then says he will come back tomorrow.

i call and audrey, who's main skill set is to read scripts off a card tells me it looks like the first opening we have is not today, but tomorrow.

**dear grande, here is how the service business works. i switch to your service, you ask me if you can have a 6 hour window of time to show up, i say yes to that and am happy as long as i get my cable hooked up. that is plenty of time. you guys aren't replacing heart valves so you ought to be able to make your appointments. when you show up late and then don't get the job done at all, that would make me a higher priority to get my install done than all the other people you have promised but not yet let down. a plumber/electrician etc.. doesn't come to your house turn a few pipes in one room, knowing he has 4 more rooms to go and then leave and put the responsibility of rescheduling on me. and people in the service business who do like, love and appreciate their customers(not take them for granted with a call center script) will tell you that they are really sorry that they were late and that they didn't get your job done and that they will be there first thing in the morning and make sure you are taken care of. that is all anybody wants is for you to take care of me the customer. don't blame it on someone else in your company, don't put the onus back on me and whatever you do, don't have people like audrey tell people like me that they are sorry and that is just the best we can do!

customer service is so easy, all you have to do is give a damn, be compassionate to your customers plight, be accountable and take ownership of the situation, expedite what needs to be done and your customers will not only stay with you, they will sing your praises and not have to eviscerate you on public forums to get a manager to call me back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Grande Communications Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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